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Who We Are

Ibarapa East Local Government with its headquarters at Eruwa was established 1989. It covers an area of 705.78sq km2 of land with the estimated population of over 120, 220 according to 2006 Census figure. The Local Government is classified as sub urban Local Government. It is bounded in the West by Ibarapa Central Local Government, in the East by Ido Local Government while its bounded in the North and South by Iseyin and Odeda Local Government in Ogun state.
The Local Government consists of multi-ethic nationalities; though predominantly Yorubas, the presence of other nationalities are equally felt in the Local Government Area such as Fulanis, Igbos, TIVs, Jukuns among others.Read more



The vision of Ibarapa East Local Government includes;

⦁ Enhanced security of lives and properties of the people of the Local Government Area.
⦁ Agriculture and food security.
⦁ Poverty reduction.
⦁ Promotion of Small Scale Enterprises.
⦁ Environment sustainability
⦁ Gender Equality and Women Empowerment
⦁ Education for all.
⦁ Improving Maternal Health and Reducing Child Mortality.
⦁ Making clean water available in every community
⦁ Environmental Sustainability



The mission of Ibarapa East Local Government is to improve life for entire people living within the Local Government and provide infrastructural amenities. 

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